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Full-service saw chain maintenance

Fomatec Sharp saw chain maintenance is an option for mechanical logging professionals. The service is an easy and carefree solution catering for the needs of your company in any part of the world. We shall handle efficient and high-quality saw chain and saw blade maintenance. Our services include door-to-door collection and return of the maintenance items.
We handle saw chain and saw blade maintenance applying Fomatec’s own and unique technique. Our saw chain sharpening technique guarantees that customers the best high-quality saw chains at their disposal have at all times. We always provide a quality warranty for our products. Well maintained saw chains and saw blades will significantly improve performance of your forestry equipment. Our services will make your forest machine business more ecological and profitable, because the saw will always work at its full capacity, and the machine operator can focus entirely on their own skills.
Saw chains and saw blades are delivered to customers in recyclable and durable shipping crates that can be easily carried to logging sites.
Our service concept also takes care of any forestry equipment supplies that your company could need. When you enter into a maintenance contract with Fomatec we shall handle for you any forestry machine accessory purchases at market prices. Our service also covers spare parts and our environment friendly recycling solutions.
We always put together an integrated maintenance package to meet the particular needs of your business.
Please contact our sales division and request a quote for our integrated service!