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location Lumitie 1, 70700 Kuopio

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Our efficient solutions to boost profitability and ecological sustainability of forestry harvesting business

Fomatec Oy is a company specialising in saw chain sharpening services and manufacturing of forestry harvester accessories. The saw chain sharpening technique developed by Fomatec Oy is the best in the industry, making us a pioneer of the as a saw chain maintenance company at the international level. The company was established in 2011 with the aim to improve products and services used in the forestry harvesting business. The shareholders and partner companies have sound work experience in the logging and forestry harvesting sector on domestic markets and abroad. Our products and services stemming from our hands-on experience at the job sites make forestry harvesting more efficient, thereby saving our customers’ time and obviously money. The services are provided in the most environment-friendly manner respecting the values of the nature.
The main office of Fomatec Oy is situated in Kuopio, Finland, and is easily accessible by transport. At our premises we perform maintenance of saw chains of our customers and manufacture harvester accessories. The items we make are available at our own shop. Our product range includes a comprehensive selection of accessories for forestry machinery.


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